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Assisted Care

Assisted Care
Assisted Care

With the aging population comes very specific needs in order to care for the elderly. Most often the aged suffer from a compromised immune system that cannot easily fight off illness and infection.

Retirement homes that cater to the needs of the elderly are only becoming more numerous as the baby boomers age while improved technologies can be implemented to help protect those who may have a difficult time protecting themselves. Disinfection is the number one priority for those who suffer from a compromised immune system.


  • Dramatically reduce bio-contaminants such as viruses and bacteria which may adversely affect those who have a developing or compromised immune system
  • Destroy thousands of airborne contaminants including mold, viruses, bacteria, allergens, germs, chemicals and VOCs
  • Provide your guests with a truly “clean room”
  • Kills up to 99.99%  of viruses and pathogens
  • No toxic waste
  • Reduce cost and save time
  • A “Green” Technology