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Ultraviolet surface treatment systems have been used for more than half a decade in hospitals and various other health care industries. With the advent of high-efficiency UV lamp systems, it is now possible  to destroy high levels of surface bio-contaminants.

Studies from the CDC show that healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) cost the healthcare industry $28.4 to $33.8 billion each year. Using effective infection control interventions, such as Ultra Violet Technologies can reduce the number of occurrences by at least 20 percent and it is a fraction of the cost. UV systems are the ideal tool to help reduce nosocomial infections.


  • Dramatically reduce HAIs by destroying airborne bio-contaminants such as viruses and bacteria which are costing the industry an more than $30 billion a year.
  • Stand-Alone Mobile UV Sterilization Systems (for unoccupied areas) is a simple yet incredibly effective solution for surface and air sterilization
  •  The ideal choice when it is important to be “up and running” immediately following a room treatment. Unlike alternative treatment methods, there is little to any room preparation needed. There is no requirement to mask off electronic equipment and once the room is treated it is immediately available for use.
  • Certify Room Treatment before Re-occupation: Documentation is systematically linked to a successful treatment cycle. Linking both processes together ensures that patient care spaces have been thoroughly treated before occupation by the next patient. Unlike manual methods, there is no way to falsely report that a room has been thoroughly treated.
  • A “Green” Technology