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Day Care Centers

Day Care Centers
Day Care Centers

Daycare classes are large with children spending up to 10 hours or more in close proximity of each other. A baby’s immune system is not well developed and even young children are much more susceptible to illness and infection than adults.

Viruses and bacteria can be much greater in a childcare environment simply due to the number of children within the envelope of the building.


  • Dramatically reduce bio-contaminants such as viruses and bacteria which may adversely affect those who have a developing or compromised immune system
  • Destroy thousands of airborne contaminants including mold, viruses, bacteria, allergens, germs, chemicals and VOCs
  • Provide your guests with a truly “clean room”
  • Kills 99.99% of viruses and pathogens
  • No toxic waste
  • Reduce cost and save time
  • A “Green” Technology